About Us

Reefertilizer is a simple, effective, three-step fertilizer and nutrients system that makes it easy for anyone to grow cannabis at home.
What our products accomplish is a streamlined process of nurturing your cannabis plants with the optimum fertilizers and nutrients for each stage of growth.
Our nutrients are of the highest quality sourced from Canadian suppliers.

Back in 2016, we (Joey and Mike) had a fun name and a desire to normalize cannabis through home growing. Now we are part of a growing community with customers from around the world. We’re passionate about sharing our knowledge, creating community, and supporting growers to achieve results they’re proud of.

Our simple three stage system helps beginners learn to grow and advanced growers streamline their process.

Anyone can grow marijuana at home. Marijuana is a versatile plant and we want to make it easier, cheaper, and quicker for you to grow your own.

Mike and Joey Drouin
Founders of Reefertilizer

More than just a cannabis fertilizer.

Reefertilizer was created to bring the cannabis community together. Cannabis if for everyone to grow. It’s for the grandmother who grows to make an ointment for arthritis. It’s for the recreational grower that wants to save money and learn a new skill.

Buying our nutrients doesn’t end at the checkout. We are here to give you support every step of the way.
We want to hear your stories and experiences so we can share them with our community. Send us your grow pictures so we can see your progress and success.

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What our worldwide customers are saying

“I like the convenience of one stop shop! I love the professional support that is available!”

– Mary-Lou (Kingston, Ont.)

“First day I started seeing results. It’s so easy to use and the prices is affordable. It’s the perfect blend to help grow the best plants.”

– Terry (Columbus, OH)

“Your fertilizer has brought great success in my greenhouse” (translated)

– Mihail (Moscow, Russia)

Our Cannabis Nutrients and Fertilizers
Three Steps For Growing Good Weed at Home

Reefertilizer Start Cannabis soil conditioner

Reefertilizer Start is a versitile soil conditioner. Start your cuttings and seedlings off right with a renewable organic compost and benicial mycorrhizae.

Build the symbiotic foundation that will allow your root system to get the most from nutrients in the veg and bloom stages.

More Information About Reefetilizer Start Soil Conditioner

Reefertilizer Start is a versatile organic soil conditioner crafted for growing cannabis.

In can be used several ways to introduce beneficial fungi and micro-organisms to your soil. Mixed with a small amount of potting soil, it makes a fertile bed for seeds and clones.
Add it to your soil before transplanting to inoculate your root system with mycorrhizae.
If your plants are already established you can use Reefertilizer Start as a top dressing as well.

Mycorrhizae is a type of mushroom. It’s not the type of mushrooms you see in the grocery store, mycorrhizae grow entirely in soil.

This fungus builds a symbiotic relationship with your plants’ roots. The fungus grows around root systems and extends tiny hairs deeper into the soil. These hairs work like sponges and increase the total amount of water and nutrients a plant can use.
In return for all their help, your plant will supply them with excess carbohydrates.
The mycorrhizal species we use is Rhizophagus Irregularis. It’s most commonly used in vegetable crops like tomatoes and onions.

Water Hyacinth compost makes up the bulk of Reefertilizer Start. This water plant is considered an invasive species in many parts of the world.
On the plus side, it makes a fantastic crop fertilizer that is 100% renewable. Instead of being destroyed, the plant is being reclaimed for growing cannabis.
Water Hyacinth compost also contains many helpful micro-organisms. These microbes breakdown organic matter into food for the plant and mycorrhizae.

Reefertilizer Grow Vegetative Fertilizer
  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Other Micro Nutrients

In the second step of our marijuana growing process, the plant will be growing larger and lusher. The right marijuana fertilizer is crucial at this stage in the plants’ development. Providing the right nutrients will help build the above the soil structures that will support many bud sites. Our Grow formula contains high levels of quick release nitrogen which is the main component in chlorophyll and aids in photosynthesis. Reefertilizer Grow will help speed up new growth during the veg stage.

Reefertilizer Bloom Flowering Fertilizer
  • Nitrogen
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Other Micro Nutrients

In the final stage of growing marijuana, the plant uses its energy to produce fruit (buds). Bloom marijuana fertilizer contains micro-nutrients and a high level of phosphorus. When your plants switch to the flowering stage, phosphorus will increase your plants’ ability turn light energy into chemical energy to grow large buds.

What makes our cannabis fertilizer different?


Our fertilizers and nutrients are easy to mix and apply to any cannabis garden. No complicated feeding schedule. No messing with eyedroppers and liquid solutions. No expiration date.
Just concentrated fertilizer containing the necessary nutrients specific to cannabis. Feed your plants once a week, that’s it.


Each bag contains the necessary elements for success of each stage of cannabis growth.
One combo is enough for 4-8 plants with some fertilizer left over. These fertilizers are concentrated, so stop paying for water and extra packaging.


We are a growing community of worldwide cannabis cultivators. Come join us on social media for answers to any growing questions and support from other growers like you.
Send us an email message anytime and we will provide full support throughout your grow.

Buy Reefertilizer today and start getting better yields with our easy to use powder nutrients!